4 Easy Ways to Check When You Should Replace Your Tires

It’s impossible to determine the longevity of the tires of your car. There are so many factors that indicate when you have to replace your old tires but identifying them is a real challenge. Here are four tips that will help you decide when your vehicle needs a new tire.

Check the mileage: Normally, the average tire can run up to 40, 000 miles relentlessly and later on it becomes slightly unsafe to use it for a long distance trip. Another factor that also implies with mileage is the weight of the vehicle, type of the road surface, weather condition, and how many turns you take. In a nutshell, don’t take 40,000 miles as a landmark but you can take it as a warning call. Check the tire when you have already driven nearly that distance.


Measure the tread: Tires have tread nearly 1/16 inch deep but people living in a place where snowfall is common and the road is wet, the tread would be twice of that. Friction between the road and the tires are quite common and your tires eventually start to wear on the tread. So when you drive with those tires, you leave a bit of tread on the road. The best way to measure the tread depth is by using a penny. Insert it in the tread and if the entire head is visible then you have to go for a quick replacement.

Pay attention to the sidewall: People usually overlook the sidewall of the tires and even if there’s a crack it gets unnoticed. Your tire could fall part with the cracks in the sidewall. So pay attention to the sidewall regularly to avoid unwanted hazards on the road. Your tires can be cracked due to overuse, ice, rains, damaged roads and more. There are chances of getting cracks for poor wheel alignment. Air leaks very promptly from the cracked tires. Hence, you need to replace the damaged tire at the earliest best floor jack.

Tires need air more often: When your tires need air more frequently, take it as a warning call. This is a common sign of leaks present in the tires. A professional tire repairing unit may help you fix the leak temporarily but replacement is the smartest solution in the long run. Take a closer look at your tires and make sure to check the pressure once in a week if you are using your vehicle on a regular basis.

It’s easy to extend the span of a tire if you take proper maintenance. Don’t forget to inspect the condition of your tire and go to an established service provider to replace or repair your tires. Mcdermott Motors Tirecraft team is a reliable name in Toronto. Their trained resources are known to provide unmatched servicing. In addition to tire servicing, they also provide brake repairs, fleet, domestic vehicle repair services and more. Visit their website to know more about their services and you can see their reviews. Thankfully, you can book them online without any hassle. Easy maintenance and prompt servicing are guaranteed with them

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