A Honda sh125 Review

This positive Honda sh125 review is justified, as the 125cc bike offers convenience and ease of operation, and is perfect for anyone looking for an economical bike with gears rather than automatic transmission. It looks as if the amended 2009 hybrid is probably going to be just as popular in the UK as it has proved to be in the rest of Europe.

The large 16 inch wheels understandably led to some concern and uncertainty over the bike’s overall stability and quality of the ride, although buyers need not have worried. Most riders reported that the experience was better than that offered by most scooters, and the original sh125 has sold better throughout Europe than most other models.

Honda sh125

Most of the improvements made to the bike over the 2009 model were introduced for the sake of appearance, such as the rear disc brake which replaced the drum. However, this was also a practical improvement over the stopper which has now been withdrawn.

The rather strange looking face which attracted a lot of criticism at first, has now been given a whole new look, to make it appear more streamlined. A more sophisticated look can be seen at the back of the bike too, with some refinements to the bodywork.

The sh125 has always had a smooth power pickup and that hasn’t changed on this new model. Overall, the bike’s performance is solid, vibration is kept to a minimum and weaving through traffic and making a U turn are fairly effortless.

It’s a little difficult to get an accurate idea of the bike’s emission figures, as the information given out by Honda is a little confusing and not specific. The speed and driving conditions aren’t indicated under the bike’s fuel consumption figure of 97 mpg, making this figure somewhat meaningless.

A more credible number might be 85 mpg riding at top speed on empty country roads, and riding through busy start and stop traffic in the city. In general, the sh125 is probably a better purchase than most of the other scooters on the market, and you can and compare most of these at Motoden.

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