Buying New Car Parts a Waste of Money

Everyone wants to save money on his or her automobile expenses. When your car needs to be repaired and you can get a used part locally, you save money while contributing to the local economy. There are a number of benefits to buying used car parts instead of new.

You Save Money

Saving money is probably the number one reason to purchase used car parts. According to the Street Directory, the lowest price will be found in the auto junkyard where you remove the part yourself and then pay a set amount for it. Junkyards can afford to offer lower prices because the customer does all the work of removing the part from the car. Depending on what the part you need it can be a simple task or a huge job. You can also buy re-manufactured parts from some auto supply stores. These are parts that have been restored to their original condition. While re-manufactured parts are a bit more expensive than those you pick up from the junkyard, they are still a lot less expensive than if you purchased new parts. Some re-manufactured parts carry a limited warranty, which junkyard parts never do.


You Get The Exact Part

According to Bessler Auto Parts of Cincinnati OH, new cars are manufactured every year, and consequently old car parts end up being discontinued. Most new car parts are acceptable substitutes, but the discontinued part is always the best choice. There is a possibility you may find one in a parts store, but every years the chance is less that any original parts are still available. The best solution is your local auto junkyard. If they don’t have it on hand, they most always belong to an online parts inventory group allowing them access to junkyards around the country. They can have the part shipped and in your hands in a very short time.

You Help The Environment

Every used car part that is purchased and installed is not lying around and cluttering up the landscape or ending up in a landfill. Extending the life of used auto parts reduces waste and helps to clean up the environment. The majority of junked cars contain good quality used parts that can be salvaged and used in an on-the-road vehicle. Every used car part that is purchased from a junkyard is one less part that goes to a landfill.

Buying used car parts saves you money and helps the environment.

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