Clear It Before You Ride

Collectible and antique car shows are common in North America and they attract thousands of buyers every year. From old Chevys and Fiat to fancy Aston Martins and Masseratti, these cars are valued in many thousands of dollars and they are their owner’s pride and joy; but don’t get too exited about that purchase, before making sure you can bring it home with you.


The US – Canada border is a very active one, both countries share many regulations and treaties regarding the import and export of goods; however, all the legal paperwork can be confusing for most people as both countries have different tax policies, tariffs, and other import technicalities.

Canadian customs brokers can help you tackle the all of Canada’s requirements to bring your new toy safe home with the least costs and paperwork possible; they are experts in their field and can provide you with useful information about the custom clearing process.


Canada has a strict policy on car emissions and road safety, and not all car brands and models are eligible for import into Canadian territory. If you are thinking about buying a vehicle in the United States, please visit the Registrar of Imported Vehicles Web site and consult the Vehicle Import Compatibility (Admissibility) list.

When it comes to crossing into the US, cars should also follow strict standards on vehicle safety; and they require the car to meet the standards or it might face an export or destruction order.

In both cases, you can also contact the nearest Canadian Embassy or consulate in the US or the US Embassy or Consulate in Canada; or you can research custom broker services along the US and Canada border. There are many companies for all budgets and locations.


Keep in mind that all vehicles used for tourism purposes are exempt of any import permit, and you may cross into both countries with the car’s original license plate and documents. However, you will need to follow the tourism period times and leave either country before you over stay your tourist status and that of the car.

If you are a frequent attendee to collectible car shows, you may know that the car dealers can also provide useful information when it comes to custom brokerage services and any other local requirement for the car you are interested in. You can also ask friends to refer you to specialized services to assist you.

Whether you are a passionate car lover or you are buying it as an investment opportunity, an antique car will increase your assets and your patrimony, and it will provide you with a good opportunity to entertain friends at home or even participate in car shows yourself in your community.

Just make sure that whomever handles your new investment is responsible and helpful, knows the law, and is able to provide you and your new car with the best customer service for your money.

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