Find out why restoring old Cars is a good Idea.

Why Restoring Cars is a Good Idea

If you know what you are doing, restoring an old car can be a great idea. You have to be knowledgeable and have a lot of time to give your project, or at least know someone who can do the work for you. Despite an initial investment that can be expensive with no guarantees that the car will be worth what the cost of the restoration is, classic cars are a very attractive hobby and a lot of fun to drive once they are done.

So, what are the advantages to restoring an old car?

  • The car can be better than new
  • You can make a good profit when you sell it
  • They are a lot of fun to drive

If you are restoring a car just for fun or have a specific car that you have always wanted, you are probably not as concerned about the value and expense.

The Car Can Be Better Than New

When restoring a car, there are several schools of thought on the best way to proceed.

  1. New Parts to Repair

The vehicle is no longer original if you change any part of the car. If the vehicle is safe to drive in its original condition, this may be an issue as parts eventually wear out. You will need some new parts to repair it, so it will no longer be just like it was when it left the factory. If you do need to remove an original part, this school of thought believes the part should be restored internally so it is functional, but the exterior of the part should be left alone. This can leave the car mechanically suspect and unappealing visually, however, if the interior of the parts is restored, it is now better than it was.

  1. Rebuilt Original-Style

The next school of thought completely restores the exterior and interior but leaves a lot of the car untouched. This means that the engine and undercarriage are untouched except for some cleaning. Failing parts are replaced with rebuilt original-style replacements so that the car retains its factory integrity, but the car is visually attractive and fun to drive.

  1. Updated Car Components

The next school of thought prefers a nostalgic original look, but uses updated car components. They are going for an appearance that is close to stock, but features modified engine compartment and interior, aftermarket wheels, and a modified suspension while retaining the spirit of originality.

  1. Nut and Bolts

The last school of thought is those that restore down to the nut and bolts. The car is pretty much, if not completely, dismantled and the parts restored or replaced with new old stock parts. When restored in this manner, the car performs better than when it left the factor since it is hand-built and often over the top.

You Can Make a Good Profit When You Sell It

If you are into restoring cars to make a profit, then there are a few things to keep in mind.

old car

What Makes a Restored Car Valuable?

When considering what car to restore that you can make a profit on, rarity itself isn’t what makes the car the worth more. In many cases, it what is in the vehicle that is going to make a difference. If a car has a smaller sized engine and has fewer cylinders than similar versions, you will find that it doesn’t have as high a value as another similar model. The condition of the vehicle is also important with the standard classification consisting of fair, good, excellent, and mint.

Will Restoring a Classic Car Increase Its Value?

The answer is yes, Recent years have seen an increase in restored cars on the market that shows they are very desirable in if they are in good shape. Here are a few classic cars that are worth restoring and reselling if that is your goal:

  • Lotus Elan
  • Porsche 911 SC
  • Triumph TR2-3A
  • Morris Minor Convertible
  • Jaguar XK120-150
  • Lancia Aurelia B20GT
  • Ferrari Dino 246 GT/GTS
  • Alfa Romeo GTV 1750/2000
  • Mini Cooper 998 (those made before 1971)
  • Ford Mustang 1964, 1965 or 1966

There are a couple of things to remember when you purchase a classic car. Remember, that this is a labor of love, and you need to have the energy, time, and money to restore it.

  • Don’t go into debt for a classic car, don’t buy it if you can’t afford it
  • Buy a car that requires restoration that you know you can handle, make sure not to get in over your head
  • Purchase a car that you like and will want to continue to work on for several years

And, remember to do your homework, especially if you are a beginner, and find a car that is a simpler job and doesn’t require as much restoration, but will do well on the market if you intend to sell it.

Restored Cars are Fun to Drive

Every time you see a classic car on the road, everyone stops to stare. The driver is the envy of everyone around him as he passes by in a cool car. Driving a restored car is a huge benefit of all the work that went into it. Modern cars tend to be boring in comparison and not as fun to drive, and the many classic car owners out there would agree.


Classic cars have a styling that we no longer see in recent models. With modern looks and the concern over aerodynamics and gas saving features, car designers have lost the freedom to make some awesome shapes. Interiors were also artistically done with dashboards made of walnut and armchair-like seats made of old-school leather. The old-school engines and gears are also a pure joy to use in comparison to modern cars, and driving a classic car really makes you understand why a car can be a pure joy to drive.

Sense of Community

Having a class car will also allow you entry into a great community. How often can you find a hobby where you can spend the day with others that enjoy what you are doing, and want to show off their own projects? From parades to car shows, fans of classic cars are a close-knit community that is not only fun to hang out with, but also provide you useful information with your restoration when you need it.


Modern cars have designs that have few variations, so it is difficult to find something that looks and performs uniquely. In the classic car world, you have a wide variety of cars, styles, manufacturers, countries, powertrains, engines, and eras to choose from. If you are a car enthusiast, the classic car world is where you want to be to truly appreciate this type of machine.

When you buy a classic car to restore, you should take some time and research before making a final decision. As you go through the process, remember it is a labor of love, so choose a car you love at a restoration level that works with your skill level.

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