Ford Ball Joint

Just like the socket and ball design of the hip joint, the ball joint of a car connects the steering knuckles to the control arms. Every Ford car has a ball joint to help in smooth movement, especially when taking a turn. Ford ball joints are made from solid steel and have a tapered hole into which a stud is threaded. The whole setup is enclosed in a protective case usually made from plastic, which protects the joint from dirt.

Being in the position that it is, ball joints are susceptible to wear and will need replacement. This is due to the mechanical friction the components of this vehicle part undergo. Though the ball in Ford cars is big enough to withstand the wearing, the frequent use of the car would eventually cause it to wear.

It is important to replace worn out ball joints of ford cars soon enough. This is because delays could lead to problems with the steering wheel, which may damage the wheel when left unattended for a longer time. A problem with the ball joint could be easily detected when turning curves at low speeds. At high speeds however, it is difficult to detect the problem.

Ford ball joints come in various sizes and are available for all models of ford cars. It is important to know the correct model needed to fit a particular car. A professionally trained mechanic would be helpful in diagnosing problems with the ball joint. They would be able to tell if the problem is as a result of a worn ball joint or some other problem.

Replacing the ball joint of a ford car has to be done professionally. This is because there would be need for removing other parts before fixing the ball joint. If these parts are not fixed properly, it could lead to other problems. A wheel alignment procedure may be needed in case the wishbone was removed before fixing the ball joint.

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