Full Motorcycle Training in London

Full motorcycle training is available from One Stop Instruction, and it’s a complete, affordable way to learn and become licensed in a reasonable time frame. To join one of these motorcycle training courses, you need to be at least 24 years of age and hold a current UK driver’s license. Either a provisional or a full license will be accepted, and an EU license also qualifies. One exception is if you’ve already held a full A2 motorcycle for at least two years. One Stop’s instruction can also prepare you to qualify for a full unrestricted motorcycle license. Once you’ve completed this course and successfully passed the DAS exam, you’ll be allowed to operate any motorcycle on London roadways as well as carry passengers.


Full Motorcycle Training London CBT Courses

Completing the Direct Access Scheme test needs to be done on a scooter or motorcycle that’s at least 595cc and has a minimum output of 40w. Passing the test on a manual bike or scooter will qualify you to ride either a manual or an automatic motorcycle. Before enrolling in the course, you’ll need to have already completed the motorcycle basic training course. If you haven’t ridden a motorcycle before, you can enroll in the beginners’ 1-2-1 session to get familiar with a basic manual bike.

An additional requirement to enrolling in the DAS motorcycle course is first passing the motorcycle theory exam. Once you’ve passed this test, you’ll be issued a certificate number that you’ll need to present upon enrollment in a practical motorcycle training course. Direct Access Scheme courses are based in London, and you have the option of enrolling in sessions that last for two, three or five days. The right course length for you largely depends on your past experience as well as your day-to-day schedule. For your convenience, courses are offered on weekends and during the week. Beginner courses are scheduled over the course of three days and these have a very high pass rate.

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