Get Up and Go – How to Start the Year with a Dream Road Trip

There are lots of things coming up on the calendar, what with the holidays and then New Years Eve. But then after that the wintery blues will set in and you will find that the holiday cheer empties faster than a bottle of eggnog when the rum is flowing and you will realize that your darkening world has no meaning any more. So what can you do to beat these blues? A kick ass road trip of course! And if you’ve never been on a kick ass road trip, now is the time to start planning one for the new year. It’s not going to be that hard and in fact it can be quite easy if you just follow a few pieces of advice that we have for you.

Get a New Car for the Adventure

The last thing you want to have happen while you’re happily road tripping is to have the car you’re in break down. Sure your piece of junk is fine to get to the store and back, but is it really gonna get to the other coast and back? Isn’t it time you sucked it up and bought a new car, maybe joined the adult world, for once? And no, this isn’t your mother speaking. We’re just saying: you should really get your act together. And as long as you don’t mind driving an American car, you can get one for pretty cheap, especially as the year ends and dealers are trying their hardest to fill the quotas. Go on over to Riverside Chevy and see what you can talk yourself into. You can trade in your current ride for more than you can ever sell it for, and you’ll have that brand new car ready for that awesome road trip. If you’re lucky, you might get a few months free of XM radio. Check out the starting prices at but know you can go much lower!

Bring some Snacks For the Ride

If money is an issue, or you just feel like not stopping all the time, you should stock up on snacks for the road trip. You’ll want some granola bars, and nuts, and anything that won’t go bad if it’s in the car for a few weeks. This will help save some cash on really crappy generic brand doritos at the rest stops across the land, but will also save you from having to eat that crap when you should really be having something fresh and delicious. You can get waters and all that other good stuff so that you’re not feeling that road trip hunger and thirst. It’ll be a great way to make the road trip more pleasant.

Call Your Friends

One of the best parts of road tripping is seeing old friends who’ve scattered about the country. Make sure you get in touch with them and see if you can stay with them. It’ll make for great fun times for this new year.

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