How Ford Certified Cars Benefit You


Lots of people are leery when it comes to buying used cars and that’s understandable. If you’ve never bought a used vehicle from a big, affiliated dealership, like Ford San Bernardino, you might not know that you can actually get a good deal on a great car that way. Many people’s only dealings with used cars have come from buying them from individuals selling their own cars or from small, used car lots that can have questionable reputations. But when you buy a car from a large dealership, you experience a myriad of benefits. These cars have to be certified before they’re ever put up for sale. So you can rest assured that you’re getting a car in the best shape possible that’s been looked over and tested but Ford experts.


At Raceway Ford in California, used cars even come with a limited warranty. For 12,000 miles or 12 months, your car is covered. There is also an option for a 7 year or 100,000 mile warranty plan. A great financing rate of 1.9% is available for certified used Ford vehicles too. You also get a free Carfax report of the history of your vehicle with your purchase, so you know all the details about your car and what you’re getting. Ford also provides 24-hour-a-day roadside service. So if anything happens while you’re on the road, you’re safe and taken care of. You know you have a reliable car and company backing you up the whole way. Finally, you’ll be glad to know that your car was certified via a 172 point inspection before being placed up for sale. Your car is in the best shape possible. Check out all the used cars available from Raceway Ford at or visit your local dealer.

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