How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need with My Instructor

In any field of education, each student learns at his or her own pace, and driver’s education is no exception. Although Western Australia has attempted to create requirements that work for all drivers, the fact remains that some students will learn more quickly, and other students will need more time, to get a hang of driving properly.

To help you decide exactly how much time you need behind the wheel to ensure you are safe, we’ve put together this handy guide. Review the questions below, and then decide how many lessons you should book for drivers training Perth.

  1. The Essentials

The laws of Western Australia stipulate that every student must have at least 25 hours behind the wheel with a certified instructor before they are eligible to have a driver’s license. Exactly how many car driving lessons in Perth you need, will depend on your driving school and the schedule of your driving instructor. On average, a driving lesson lasts about three hours. Some instructors offer lessons that are longer than that, but most students find that after about three hours, they need a break. Be careful about scheduling longer lessons. Even though longer lessons will decrease the total number of sessions you need, they may be so taxing that you ultimately end up wishing you had scheduled more, shorter lessons.

  1. Think About Your background

Not all students begin their driving lessons with the same amount of experience behind the wheel. Although the majority of learners have never driven before, there are some students with extensive driving experience before they get their learner’s permit. Such students may have learned to drive in another country, or may simply have driven informally, without a permit or license.

If you are in the latter group you may find that you need less time behind the wheel to become comfortable on the road. In that case, you might decide to schedule fewer lessons, and only spend enough time with your instructor to fulfil the minimum requirements for a learner’s permit.

On the other hand, if you have absolutely no experience driving, you may want to schedule additional lessons with your instructor. Don’t hesitate to ask for extra sessions if you still do not feel comfortable driving after the legally mandated 25 hours. Instructors are happy to give additional lessons until you feel comfortable at the wheel.

  1. What Is Your Learning Style?

Ultimately, learning to drive is no different from learning anything else. If you are typically a fast learner, and you don’t have much trouble picking up new skills, then you are likely to become comfortable driving sooner than other students. On the other hand some people need lots of practice to pick up new skills. If you find you typically require more time to learn how to do something new, then you should expect the same to be true for driving.

In either case, you are under no obligation to schedule all of your lessons upfront. Perhaps the best approach is to schedule just enough lessons to cover your 25 hour requirement, and then only sign-up for additional lessons once your first 25 hours are complete, and you know you need additional training.

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