How to Get the Best Deal at a Car Dealership

Getting the best deal possible at a car dealership isn’t impossible, but it does take research. In order to get the most value for your hard earned dollars, you need to do your homework first. Along with doing that research, you also need to prioritize. If you step foot on a lot with your heart set on a particular model based on the “coolness” factor, you will pay more than you would have to otherwise – it’s inevitable. People don’t buy a new car every day. It is something for which consumers save, or through unfortunate circumstances like an accident, feel forced to make a choice quickly. These pressures, both real and imagined, hit you when you walk onto the dealership lot.

car dealership

Never head to a GM car dealership in Greeley CO without being armed with the facts, and what your specific needs are. Is this a car for the next decade, or will it be traded in a couple of years? Know what the going prices are for the models in which you have an interest. Know what their resale value tends to be for the time period you intend to keep it. Remind yourself of your goals as you greet the salesperson, and do not get suckered into giving away information which can ever so subtly be used to influence your final decision. Car salesman study human behavior and have you sized up by the way you drive onto the lot. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t be friendly. Just don’t play all of your cards at once. In an encounter with a representative of the dealership, you both have a job to do. The difference is you that you may be paying for your decisions for a very long time after the encounter.

There are plenty of websites to research costs, resale values and reviews of vehicles. Know your budget, eliminate those vehicles that fall outside of it, paying close attention to all of those bells and whistles that could jump up the price of a car you previously thought you could afford. When you get on the lot, they may not have exactly what you researched, but most likely they’ll have something “oh so similar,” for only a few thousand more. When your facts are secure, your emotions won’t be able to take over.

Finally, this is said in every bit of advice about car buying, but it holds true: be prepared to walk away. There are countries all over the world building cars for you to choose from. The car that a salesperson may be steering you toward may be the only one on his/her lot like that, but that’s not the only one in the country, or even in your region. Hang tough, keep your cool, and know your facts and you’ll be sure to get the best deal possible.

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