It’s Easier to Xeriscape Your Lawn Than You Might Think

“It’s a drought in California and also the water doesn’t look like it’s coming in the near future. So, you can either put your fingers in your ears and cover your eyes and pretend that it’s business as normal with the heavens and the possible lack of rain and clouds and that your green lawn is still somehow a status symbol. Alternatively, it is possible to open your eyesight and ears and walk proudly into the future. The only real reason green grass is observed as pretty in a desert is because we are told it really is. When you look at it objectively, green grass should never have been introduced into a desert climate from the beginning. It’s rejecting the rich history and the terrain we enjoy. So stop worrying about the green and watching that water bill skyrocket and xeriscape your lawn!


Precisely what is xeriscaping? In Southern California, the weather is desert and the naturally-growing plant life is drought tolerant. The leaves of these succulent plants are not dainty like those of a tree in a wet climate, they are often puffy, yet they can be still oftentimes green. Succulents hold moisture in far better and therefore they might require less rain, like is offered to them from the natural climate in California, that’s why the evolved there. If you change out of the water-needing grass in your lawn and instead put in a desertscape with plants that don’t need as much water, you are doing your land plus your bills a great service. Xeriscaping is what that’s called: putting in drought tolerant plant life.


It’s easier than you may think, and the advantages financially work out in the short term (not the future, like solar energy panels), as your water bills will plummet while your lawn will still be uniquely beautiful. The first step is to decide to do it, and with a few helpers you can convert in one weekend. You might need to rent a truck from avon truck to see the Lowes or Home Depot or any other planting place like that. A truck might only cost you $20 or so for your weekend, browse the prices at Then when you be capable to get the stones and rocks you require for the lawn, and you have either the seedlings or the pups from your friends’ aloes, you’re ready to get to work.


Given that you don’t really need to be too careful with the turf you’re removing, that process can be simple and fast. Then some planning for the lawn with all the succulents is order. But this is a opportunity to be creative and to get the lawn to look as nice as you can, with little stone paths if you like, and perhaps themes of aloes over there and cacti over here. It’s going to be an exciting activity to your family in the event you so choose, and when all is said and done, the beauty of having a drought tolerant lawn in a time of drought will be in your best interest. Don’t look at it as being a chore, look at is a fun and valuable home improvement, along with a way of welcoming in the future with open arms instead of blocked soul and heart.”

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