Jamming on the Honda PS125

Honda is one of the most respected brands in the automotive industry, and their scooter business is attracting a great deal of attention these days. Their engineers never release products to the market unless they know they work well because they have a reputation to protect. Most Honda PS125 reviewers have noticed just how comfortable this scooter is. Extra padding on an already large seat props up the rider. This is especially noticeable in traffic. Coupled with a springy suspension, this seat position makes it easy to mount. As one might expect from one of their vehicles, the Honda PS125 is extremely reliable as well.

Honda PS125

PS stands for Perfect Scooter, and that’s an ideal name for a vehicle that mounts a fuel-injected liquid-cooled 4-stroke 125cc Honda engine. This beefy motor can power the scooter up to around 65 MPH, though most riders will find that they get better fuel economy if they stick to the 50 MPH mark. It handles extremely well for a scooter that’s driven by a 125cc engine, and many riders have noticed just how fast it is off the line. A max torque rating of 11.5 NM/7,000 min-1 coupled with an 11-1 comp ratio puts it relatively near to racing territory. That roomy seat offers a great deal of storage space underneath it. Many riders have found that their gloves, helmet and repair kit fit underneath the seat with room to spare. If you’re just using it to commute, then you’ll probably find you don’t have to refuel very often.

Honda has done it once again with the PS125. It’s every bit as attractive as it is practical, and the bike’s radical looks will really turn heads. The PS125 is much lighter than most competing scooters, which gives it superior handling in traffic. Budget-minded riders appreciate how affordable the initial cost is as well as how little they’ll have to put into it over the life of the bike. Linked brakes are another nice option since they can let those inexperienced with motorcycle brakes stop smoothly. If you’re interested in reading another Honda PS125 review, then head over to motoden.com for some more specifications.

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