One Stop Offers Full Motorcycle Training

One Stop Instruction offers full motorcycle training. The course is affordable and you’ll learn everything you need to become licensed in a short period of time. You need to be 24-years-old to enroll in a motorcycle training course and your UK driver’s license needs to be current. An EU license qualifies and so does a provisional or full license. If it’s been two years since you’ve earned your full A2 motorcycle, then there is an exception. One Stop’s instruction can help you prepare for a full unrestricted motorcycle license. After you complete the course and pass the DAS exam, you can operate a motorcycle in London and you can carry passengers.

Motorcycle Training

Fully Motorcycle Training: CBT Courses In London

You need to complete the Direct Access Scheme test on a scooter or a motorcycle that has at least 595CC. The minimum output has to be 40W. Once you pass the test on a scooter or manual bike, then you will be qualified to ride an automatic or manual motorcycle. The motorcycle basic training course needs to be completed before you enroll in the course. There is a beginners course you can enroll in if you’ve never ridden a motorcycle. The course will help you become familiar with a bike.

Passing the motorcycle theory exam is another requirement you need to meet if you want to enroll in the DAS motorcycle course. You mist pass this test, and once you do you will receive a certificate number. You’ll present this number when you enroll in a practical motorcycle training course.

DAS courses are located in London and you can enroll in sessions that last for either two days, three days or five days. What you choose should depend on your past experience and what your daily schedule is currently like. Courses do take place on weekends and during the week. Beginners courses take place over a span of three days and the success rate is high among students who take them.

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