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Your Pre-road Trip Checklist


Going on a road trip is an exciting time for everyone involved. The idea of going on a trip and spending time in a car with your best friends is appealing to everyone. With that in mind though, there are a few things that you should consider before you leave. If you are a first time roadtripper, or an experienced ... Read More »

Staying Tan Throughout the Winter


You spent all summer and spring outdoors, going to the beach every chance you got, to enable you to build up a dark, rich tan that is the envy of all of your friends. Unfortunately, as the warm months turn cooler and fall slowly starts to turn to winter, your tan will also begin to fade away. Some people are ... Read More »

How to Get the Best Deal at a Car Dealership

car dealership

Getting the best deal possible at a car dealership isn’t impossible, but it does take research. In order to get the most value for your hard earned dollars, you need to do your homework first. Along with doing that research, you also need to prioritize. If you step foot on a lot with your heart set on a particular model ... Read More »

Clear It Before You Ride


Collectible and antique car shows are common in North America and they attract thousands of buyers every year. From old Chevys and Fiat to fancy Aston Martins and Masseratti, these cars are valued in many thousands of dollars and they are their owner’s pride and joy; but don’t get too exited about that purchase, before making sure you can bring ... Read More »

Cars You’ll Want to Take on Your Road Trip Adventures


When you are looking for adventure, you better obtain your motor running and set off on the highway. But sometimes the destination must be something somewhat rugged, like a national park. Very likely with your friends, although man, there’s nothing like going to the national parks with your friends and even with your loved ones. You get to see a ... Read More »

You Better Shop Around


Everyone always advises that when you are making a big purchase, you should shop around some before you commit to buying anything. The same concept that you apply to computers and other big electronics should apply to cars. A new car is a huge purchase, so why would you commit to buying it from the very first dealership you visit? ... Read More »

Daddy, Come Quick! a Monster in the Room


Sometimes it happens as soon as 7 PM and other periods it may not occur until the middle of the night when you find yourself fast resting. You hear some rustling coming from your child’s room and there is the notify-story sound of little feet running along the hallways together with the yell of “”Daddy, Daddy! “” immediately following it. ... Read More »

The Ultimate Protection for Famous People

Right Toyota-5-1

You always see pictures of the rich and famous driving around in fancy, expensive cars and you may even feel jealous of what they get to drive. Very often they will have custom-made vehicles designed to have every luxury you could imagine in their car that tops out at 250 MPH. While you may lust over a car like this, ... Read More »

How Ford Certified Cars Benefit You


Lots of people are leery when it comes to buying used cars and that’s understandable. If you’ve never bought a used vehicle from a big, affiliated dealership, like Ford San Bernardino, you might not know that you can actually get a good deal on a great car that way. Many people’s only dealings with used cars have come from buying ... Read More »

Buying New Car Parts a Waste of Money


Everyone wants to save money on his or her automobile expenses. When your car needs to be repaired and you can get a used part locally, you save money while contributing to the local economy. There are a number of benefits to buying used car parts instead of new. You Save Money Saving money is probably the number one reason ... Read More »

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