Preparing your Car for the Cold Winter Months

Preparing your car for the winter is a task that must be done if you want it to continue to perform optimally throughout the cold winter months. As the temperatures drop and winter draws near it’s a good idea to use those few months before it gets cold to get your car in tip-top shape.


Your Battery

Your battery should probably be one of your first priorities on your winter car care list. Test your battery to make sure that it’s fully charged. It will take a fully charged battery to start a car in cold weather. Make sure the cables are in good condition and clean any corrosion from the terminals and posts.

Fluid Levels

Check all your fluid levels and top off any that are below the recommended levels. Your coolant level should be checked when your car is cold and filled to the suggested max level if low. You need the antifreeze capabilities that coolant provides during cold weather. Continue by checking your oil and transmission levels, as well as your brake and power steering fluid levels.


Inspect your tires closely. If your car has less than 3/32-inches of tread it’s time to get new tires for sale in Aumsville OR. Uneven wear on your tires suggests that you may need an alignment, suspension or wheel balance. If you don’t take care of these issues the damage to your tires will continue. Colder weather also means that you will need to pay more attention to your tire pressure. As the temperature drops so will the pressure in your tires. Expect about a 1 psi drop in tire pressure per 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lights & Wipers

Make sure all your lights are working from your headlights to your hazards and replace any bulbs as needed. Check your wiper blades to ensure that they are in good condition. With each pass, the blades should completely clean the glass. If your blades leave streaks and miss spots it’s time to replace them. Visibility is extremely important because it’s possible that you will experience a variety of different driving conditions that may affect visibility.

It’s safe to say that you will need to check may things on your car to make sure that it’s ready to take on the cold winter weather. Start just before it gets cold and take your time. If you tackle your checklist project by project it will be a lot easier to check things off your list. Pay attention to high priority areas like your battery, tires, and brakes. Cold weather puts more demand on these parts of your car requiring them to be in the best condition possible in order to perform well. The task may seem a bit tedious but it’s well worth it to ensure that you’re safe and comfortable while driving your car during the cold winter months. As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.

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