The Ultimate Protection for Famous People

You always see pictures of the rich and famous driving around in fancy, expensive cars and you may even feel jealous of what they get to drive. Very often they will have custom-made vehicles designed to have every luxury you could imagine in their car that tops out at 250 MPH. While you may lust over a car like this, the cars you should really be jealous of are the ones that drive around government officials, presidents and other dignitaries. These are the cars that are equipped not only with all of the creature comforts that you really want but they also have all of the ultra-protective qualities you need to fend off any and all attackers. Here are some of the most famous cars you will find that are designed to offer comfort and protection.
Cadillac One – Everyone is well aware of Air Force One, the plane that takes the President of the United States everywhere he needs to go and features all of the luxury needed along with the special protections required of the office. However, not as many people may be familiar with Cadillac One, the limousine that carries the President around when he goes from place to place in the city. While the security features involved with Cadillac One are kept classified so that no one really knows for sure how it is equipped or what it can do or withstand, it is known to be wrapped pretty heavily in different types of armor so that it could hold up under nearly any type of attack. The best part is that several of these cars travel together, with others used as decoys while one carries the President.

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The Pope Mobile – This vehicle was specially constructed to carry the Pope so that he could see out and wave to the throngs of people while still being protected along his route. The car itself is built to be not only bulletproof but capable of thwarting chemical and biological attacks as well. Even if all of the tires on the car were flattened by attack the car can still move at speeds of up to seventy MPH.

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The Tumbler – Okay, not everyone is familiar with the name of this car, and the fact is that it does not even carry a real person. It is the name of the Batmobile used in the last Dark Knight movies. Equipped with an engine with jet engine boosters, the car is covered in armor that can survive all kinds of weapon attacks, is equipped with its own rocket launchers and even has an escape pod motorcycle built into it should you need to get out fast.

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While any and all cars equipped with armor cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions and are out of the range of most people, you can still get a car that provides you with a safe and smooth ride all of the time for your everyday travels. You can look over the cars available from a Toyota dealer in Phoenix Metro such as Right Toyota so you can find the perfect vehicle that is comfortable, safe and affordable for you. It might not hold off rocket attacks, but it will help you get through that rush hour traffic the way you need it to.

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